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Supple Nature

Facial Seal Serum

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An everyday facial moisturizer. A lightweight but powerful botanical and nut serum that will seal and lock in hydration. Made with natural ingredients! Not only will this serum hydrate, it will also soothe inflamed skin and balance complexion. Non pore clogging.


After cleansing, apply a few drops onto the fingertips, rub evenly and distribute on face. For dry skin, use additional drops.

*Suggestion: for optimal cleanse and hydration, treat your skin with our "HerbalHoney Mask" then apply this facial seal serum afterwards.

Key Ingredients:

Rosehip oil – natural source of vitamin C and vitamin A, supports collagen and elastin production, encourages skin turnover, address acne, reduces dark spots and inflammation

Sweet Almond oil – rich in vitamin E, evens wrinkles/lines, reduces puffiness and scar appearance, improves complexion, moisturizing


Place in a dry, cool, low-light area. Serums can degrade when exposed to sunlight, indirect lights, and/or water. Ensure cap is screwed on tight.


Full Ingredients

Rosehip Oil, Squalane Oil (vegan). Almond Oil


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Simple Care

Handcrafted with natural ingredients. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.


Disclaimer: This product is not acclaimed or promoted to diagnose, heal, or treat any skin or other medical condition(s). Consult with your Physician for proper diagnosis and medical treatment. Before general use, perform a skin patch test by applying a small, pea-size amount on wrist to check for reactions and/or other skin sensitives. Although ingredients are natural, products contain nut, plants and fruit oils. Consult with a Doctor if you suffer or believe to have nut, fruit and/or environmental allergies. Products are not to be consumed. Not FDA approved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pamela Smith Hall
Love! Love! Love!

I absolutely love and highly recommend Supple Nature's Facial Seal Serum. As a 50+ year old woman, I have tried just about everything to treat and revive my extremely sensitive combination skin. After adding this serum to my daily skincare regimen, I quickly noticed an improvement -- brighter tone and smoother texture. The natural ingredients are just what I needed. I still experience the occasional "blemish" but the residual effects don't remain as long now. Finally, a little goes a long way because I just purchased my second bottle after using the first one for more than 6 months. I added the Herbal Honey Facial Mask to my recent order and can't wait to use it.

Constance Coats
Amazing Product

I’ve been using this product since it dropped and I’ve seen tremendous results. I’ll be a lifetime customer for sure!


If you’re someone who has problem skin and tried almost ever product, Supple Nature mask and serum had tremendously improved my even tone and dark spots. I’m obsessed with the facial serum cause it’s very light and leaves my skin with a really nice glow. I definitely recommend this nature product to all skin types.

Amazing Product

I was truly searching for a product that will help prevent razor bumps after shaving. I used this product and it left my face feeling amazingly soft and no razor bumps at all. I will continue using this product and highly recommend it to men who are looking for a product that will leave you razor bump free and have your face feeling clean and smooth. This is truly a game changer for men....