Shipping Questions

Do you sell and ship internationally?

No. Currently, we only ship in the USA. We are in the process of opening the store globally. Please check back for updates.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Per our Shipping Policy, deliveries are dependent on the carrier. Our current carrier is USPS. Once an order is placed, check your email as an order confirmation with a tracking link will be sent. Keep in mind that fulfillment and shipment are different. After an order is submitted, allow 3-5 business days to fulfill/process the order.

Supple Nature does not control and is not responsible for shipping carrier delivery conditions, damages or transportation times.

What if my items are damaged when I receive my order?

Please review our “return policy” to find information and directions on how-to rectify damaged orders. Process is simple. 


How do I get in contact with staff about my order?

Please submit messages via our "contact us" page. Messages are sent directly to staff. Submissions will be processed in a timely manner. Check the "contact us" page for more details.

Note: for unsolicited and spam messages, Supple Nature reserves the right to not respond and/or refuse the request(s). 


General Questions

How do I care for the products? 

Directions are normally on the package. However, there are special care practices for certain items. For oil-based products, ensure to store the bottle or container in a low-light, cool and dry area. Oils react to direct sunlight or lamps. Heat and UV rays will degrade the oil rendering it rancid with a bad smell. Make sure bottle tops remain sealed tight to avoid moisture. 

The herbal sprays are more delicate and contain water. Because minimal chemicals are used to stabilize the water, product shelf-life for the herbal waters is 2-3 months - it’s best to keep recommended items refrigerated. \

For the rest of the products, make sure the top is sealed, avoid mixing with water and store produce in a dry place.

Do you use chemicals?

We refrain from using harsh chemicals and heavy substances. Mild preservatives may be used to stabilize certain products to avoid contamination and mold growth. Ingredients are listed on each product for review.

How long is the shelf-life for your products?

Due to our products being fresh and not formulated with conventional chemicals, product shelf-life is around 3-6 months. For products that contain water (i.e., herbal water), we recommended a shelf-life of 2-4 months. Review the “how do I care for the products” section to learn best practices.

Products vegan? 

Most but not all. Please refer to each product to review ingredient specification(s).


When can I expect results?

We do not promote our products as treatments or cures. Product ingredients may be subjected to change and results may differ. Results are not guaranteed.


Safe for child use?

Yes, but with adult application supervision. Some products contain essential oils that are potent as well as herbs that can stain the skin. To avoid burns or unwanted skin irritation, adults should supervise and apply products onto minor children.

Made for minority skin?

Absolutely! Our products are inclusive and formulated with quality ingredients that won’t irritate skin types or complexions. Proudly, our items are universal for all, no matter the concern.


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