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Age-Me-Not Serum

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Mature, acne, dry, tight or damaged facial skin? Or are you looking to add an anti-aging serum to your routine? This Age-Me-Not serum possess high quality superfruit, nut and botanical ingredients. This serum contains potent compounds to slow the aging process, boost collagen, tone-correct and even skin texture. This serum is non-pore clogging and will hydrate the skin leaving a smooth, radiant and polished feeling.


Apply on dry, clean skin. Squeeze a few drops onto fingertips or face, then rub evenly or pat throughout the entire face - do not over lather. For dry skin, additional drops are optional. Can be applied to neck area, too. Use daily or as often as desired.

*Suggestion: for optimal results, cleanse with the "HerbalHoney Mask" first, then apply this serum afterwards

Key Ingredients:

Rosehip oil – natural source of vitamin C and vitamin A, supports collagen and elastin production, encourages skin turnover, reduces dark spots and inflammation

Sweet Almond oil – rich in vitamin E, evens wrinkles/lines, reduces puffiness and scar appearance, improves complexion, moisturizing

Cold-pressed Superfruit blend – high in antioxidants that increase skin elasticity, boost collagen and regenerate the dermis.


Place in a dry, cool, low-light area. Serums can degrade when exposed to sunlight, indirect lights, and/or water. Ensure cap is screwed on tight.




Full Ingredients

rosehip oil, squalane (vegan), almond oil, antioxidant superfruit blend (customized)


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Simple Care

Handcrafted with natural ingredients. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.


Disclaimer: This product is not acclaimed or promoted to diagnose, heal, or treat any skin or other medical condition(s). Consult with your Physician for proper diagnosis and medical treatment. Before general use, perform a skin patch test by applying a small, pea-size amount on wrist to check for reactions and/or other skin sensitives. Although ingredients are natural, products contain nut, plants and fruit oils. Consult with a Doctor if you suffer or believe to have nut, fruit and/or environmental allergies. Products are not to be consumed. Not FDA approved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This smells amazing and works wonders on my skin


I've been looking forever to find an oil I could use on my face near my eyes. This is it! The ingredients in the Age me Not Serum are so pure that they nourish my skin, are easily absorbed and allow me to put make up on shortly after applying.
I also tried the Exigent Body Butter. This light souffle wasthe perfect balance. It immediately softened, left a light feel and I even used to to finish healing my new tattoo! I recommend the whole line of products - this is a company you can trust for their deep quality!

Goodbye dark circles!

I absolutely love this product! I kept trying to find a natural product that would protect my sensitive skin, but also improve my complexion and I finally found it! This serum is super light and has decreased my dark circles and fine lines. This is the first time I've ever used a new product and not had a bad reaction to it. I now have that natural glowing skin I've always dreamed of.


I love this product! I have Extremely DRY SKIN… this oil moisturize my face; however it does not have a greasy weighted down feeling. I absolutely love this product. I sleep with it next to my bed.

Do NOT miss out on this one!

I've been using this serum for over a month now and I love it. It goes on smooth and with little to no scent (a good thing you want in a facial product). My face is sensitive whenever I change products, which sometimes results in a minor breakout or rash. This did neither of those. So coming from a sensitive face, this is a keeper. My face feels supple and hydrated all day. We are not getting any younger, so start now with this serum. You will only doing your face and mirror a favor. You will not regret it and will thank the creator for years to come. Thank you for making this product. I feel 25 again :)