Simple but Effective Ingredients

Body/Nut Butter:
Our luxurious butters are sourced from a small business that harvest organic, unrefined butters that are regional and crafted using sustainable methods. Unrefined nut products offer deep moisture, glowing skin and ultimate suppleness. 



We source botanicals that are organic, pure, natural, unrefined and/or cold-pressed. Refined oils use high heat techniques and chemicals, resulting in a loss of nutrition. Cold-pressed methods preserve a unique amount of nourishing benefits allowing the skin to reap the most nutritional value. 



Our superfruits are sourced from organic, unrefined, pure, and/or cold-pressed ingredients. Because products are cold-pressed, there is a natural presence of antioxidants. Antioxidants are potent substances that protect the skin from oxidative stress rendering the skin youthful, smooth and even-toned. 



We use both fruit and plant extracts--commonly referred as essential oils--that are pure, natural and/or organic. Essential oils contain a variety of medicinal benefits when topically applied to the skin, hair and/or scalp. Extracts are aromatic and non-pore clogging.



Herbs are ancient and have been used for centuries as skincare and beauty secrets. We use unfiltered herbs that are traditional and have numerous healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and nourishing components. 

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